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All steel jobs with plate rolling machine up to thickness of 80mm, bending machine up to thickness of 15mm, shearing machine up to thickness of 12mm and oxy cutting up to 250mm, structure, manufacture special size I-beams, marine parts, all kinds of tanks, steel brigde, steel building/workshop, barge and pontoon and fibre works.



Design of all steel structures and various equipment/parts to customer needs such, design and built jack-up barge, conveyor, heat transfer and mechanical parts. 

Laser Cutting


Manufacture and maintenance of conveyor, thermal oil heater system, cement/particle container tank system, blasting and coating.



Direct supervision from experience production team to ensure the work is being performed cautiously and making sure that things are done correctly according to the steel fabrication standard and client requirements.



Completed structural steelwork consists of the assembly of steel components to be erected at site into a complete form on site by our experienced steel installer. The process involve lifting and placing component into position, then connecting them through bolting or welding.



Prior to coating, to ensure the adhesiveness of coating on steel part, we will provide blasting service up to standard of SA 1.0 to SA 2.5 or higher according to customer’s requirement. After blasting, the coating will be applied through airless spray with various selection of paint system according to the nature use of the final product. All the blasting and paint process to be done in painting chamber with decent Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system approved by Department of Environmental (DOE).


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